Wednesday, March 4, 2015

To Boldly Go ...

There is a new van in my driveway.  Not just a new van, a 2014 Roadtrek E-Trek class/type B motorhome.  It's significantly larger than my Honda Odyssey; we traded in the Odyssey and while a couple of us sniffed over that the first night, our loss was soon forgotten once we took delivery of the E-Trek.

I should probably explain how the E-Trek came to be parked in my driveway. Just a week ago I wouldn't have thought it was possible. I'd been researching class C motorhomes for several months (at which I can only say that if I was buying a class C I would choose Lazy Daze, but at present the wait is one year for them to build you one, and they are still really big). I talked to Papa about renting a motorhome to take to races, and exploring that avenue I really thought that was the direction we would go. Still, I was searching online for used Lazy Daze coaches, and I showed a few to Papa. Off-handedly, he said, What about something like our neighbor's Chinook?

I fell down the rabbit hole that is the world of class B motorhomes, and once I decided that a Class B would be perfect for us as a touring vehicle that would also be a tiny house on wheels, I emerged with a strong feeling that a Roadtrek would be the best RV for us. First off, they have a fantastic reputation. Second, we need to sleep four people in the coach, and not four small people -- four adult-sized people (but luckily two of them are still teens and can make do with the front twin bed set-up without too many twinges).

At first I thought that the 170 Versatile might work for us, but I was mighty impressed with the E-Trek (an RS Adventurous with a full eco package including solar panel and mega battery storage). Since there is a dealer not too far from us we went to look at Roadtreks and to ask about a 2014 E-Trek that they showed in their inventory. At this point we were thinking that we were doing research for a future purchase, but at the same time we knew that buying a coach now would be a great thing for our family.

But well, we were there on a rainy last day of the month, and they had this unit that had been on their lot for quite some time ... it didn't take long for us to decide to try to work a deal and bring this baby home.

(Soon I'll write a post on the pros and cons of buying a unit that has been sitting around; we're still learning them.)

The day between working the deal and taking delivery of the unit I puzzled over a name for our new rig. I had never come up with a name for our Escape trailer in the three years we'd owned it; the previous owners called it The Grape Escape and while that name didn't work for me (not in the slightest) I didn't know what would, so it still sits being called nothing more than The Escape.  But this van deserved something more.

It was Papa who told me its name ... Enterprise. Or as the boys declared, The Starship Enterprise, because they had already decided that the Roadtrek is more spaceship than ordinary vehicle. How could I fail to see the brilliance in such a name (especially the same week that the world lost Leonard Nimoy)?

Race season is upon us so it will be short trips for now ... I can hardly wait!

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